LC Technology Solid State Doctor With Crack

SSD (Solid State Drive) Utility Suite Crack is an essential tool to provide performance enhancement, optimization, cloning capability, data security, and firmware management for Solid State drives. More importantly, the SSD utility suite is a proactive support tool, giving you the ability to make informed decisions regarding your data – whether to back it up, erase it securely or optimize the drive using the TRIM command. This suite is designed to enable faster performance, as well as predict the end of life by monitoring the lifespan of your Solid State Drive on Microsoft® Operating Systems. The SSD Utility Suite gives you access to some of the unique features built into today’s Solid State Drives.

LC Technology Solid State Doctor Crack

LC Technology Solid State Doctor Full Version software is designed to improve the performance and management of SSD drives. With this software, you can encrypt your SSD drives. You can also use this software to clean your drive information completely securely so that no files are left behind.

LC Technology Solid State Doctor Crack Key Features:

  • Drive information Tool – This will show you the basic information on every drive in your system. The information displayed will include the drive model number, serial number, firmware version, port number, drive size, ATA version, supported features, drive temperature, lifetime drive usage.
  • Overprovision Tool – The overprovision tool will allow the user to allocate a portion of the free space on the SSD to be used by the controller in the SSD within certain guidelines. This overprovisioned space created on the drive will allow the controller to better manage and maintain the performance and longevity of the SSD drive.
  • Disk Clone Tool – The disk cloning tool copies the contents of the selected source drive to the selected destination drive.
  • Optimize TRIM Tool – The Optimize Tool issues a TRIM command to the SSD which tells the SSD which data blocks are no longer in use, such as those left by deleted files. Regular use of the TRIM command will help the SSD maintain maximum performance. We include support for Microsoft AHCI and Intel Matrix Storage Manager on all MS OS’s*.
  • S.M.A.R.T Status Tool – This will display the current S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) status of the drive overall as well as the status of individual attributes of the drive.
  • Secure Drive Wipe – The Secure Wipe Tool will allow the user to securely delete the entire contents of the drive. This feature will place the drive in its original unformatted RAW state without any file system. The data on your drive cannot be recovered after running a secure wipe. As a safety feature, the Secure Wipe Tool will NOT allow the user to erase the contents of their boot drive.

LC Technology Solid State Doctor Crack

LC Technology Solid State Doctor Crack Serial Key


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