Dataland CD Label Designer 8.2.1 Build 832 With Crack
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Dataland CD Label Designer Crack Serial Key

Dataland CD Label Designer Crack Create your CD/DVD labels with ease! This Windows program will help you design and print CD and DVD labels (jewel case front, inside and back, CD/DVD sleeve, DVD box, round disk, business card labels, and booklets). It supports inserting images, text, circular text, and shapes, allowing you to arrange and change the size, angle, and transparency of objects. You can customize print layouts to match your pre-cut labels or your printer for printing directly to printable disks. You can also send designs to a LigtScribe™ device or export them to high-resolution image files and send them to a professional printing service.

CD Label Designer is the perfect solution if you want to make labels for:
– Music/Other Compilations
– Backups
– Creative hand-made gifts
– Home and Family Archives
– Promotional CD/DVD for your business
– Brochures for your products

Other features that make a difference
– Add drop shadow to texts, images, or shapes and configure its offset and transparency
– Set the level of opacity of any object to get interesting “see-through” results
– Easily arrange objects by aligning them with each other or with a label
– Use Snap to grid options for the perfect layout
– Read list of files and folders from disk, or song titles from CDDB database
– Read MP3/WMA tags
– Put this list into a text object or to a label background with a customs number of columns
– Create Booklets of any size and any number of pages
– Manually set exact object sizes and positions (in inches or millimeters)
– Wizard for quick label creation
– Export designs to various image formats in any resolution and send them to professional printing service
– Multi-language user interface (in English, German, French, Italian, …)

Dataland CD Label Designer Crack

What’s New In Dataland CD Label Designer 8.2.1 Build 832?
+ Rotate shapes (star, polygon, and diamond)
+ Adjust star shape (arm depth)
& Allow three-side polygon (triangle)
& Allow three-point star
& Optimize drawing speed when moving sliders in the toolbox
* Problem with scaled object positions on different DPI computers
* Print Window with large fonts settings
* Other small bug fixes

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